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[Anyone along Benny Road may have spotted Sister bursting out of house 1334 and running past them. He must have lost sight of whoever he was chasing as he stops shortly after, looking around for where Bellatrix could have gone.

One way or another, he figures out the basics. Sister can then be found anywhere around town, surveying the layout and taking note of strategic areas.]

Forward dated to present time:

[By divine guidance, Sister managed to find the hardware store! There he is looking through the limited selection of guns. He can also be found on the way home with some pistols holstered on him and a small bag of magazines. Chisame should be proud that the family budget is going to this instead of food.]

[During the event, let's say he got droned for trying to break in one of the important buildings or something.]


Jul. 4th, 2011 04:29 am
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Name: Raziel
Personal LJ: [ profile] orochi_raziel
Contact Info:
e-mail -
AIM - chaosseer
Other Characters Played: SHIKI Tohno - [ profile] forgottenshiki
Preferred Housing: Random

Character Name: Sister (Just a nickname, real name hasn't been revealed in canon. He used Francis as an alias once.)
Character Series: Arakawa Under The Bridge
Character Age: 29

Background: (Copy pasted from the Wikipedia article with additions and changes)

Twenty-nine years old and British, Sister is a war veteran with an affinity to artillery, and always has a gun with him. He has a scar on the right side of his face, whose origin is unknown. In one of the wars he participated in, he met Maria when she was a spy. He lost at that encounter, losing most of his hair at the top of his head except for a single strand. His comrades kept making fun of him ever since. Over time, he learned to remain expressionless to almost everything. After his time in the military, he helped look after children in an orphanage somewhere in the Great Britain.

One day, he was let into the community of the Arakawa riverbank. The Chief did something Sister was so grateful for, that he felt he was always indebted to him. He then gave him a new identity of Sister, and Sister left his past behind. The Arakawa community he joined allowed the residents to be free and be what they truly are without worrying about what they were in the outside world. Every Sunday he holds a mass that usually lasts only a few seconds in the church under the bridge. This involves having his congregation run to line up, firing his machine gun in the air, and asking if anyone did anything wrong. If he gets no response, the service ends and everyone present gets a bag of cookies. It is unknown what would happen if anyone has done something wrong.

He may still believe himself to be in the middle of a war, as he lays down booby traps all the time, and is shown to always be thinking in terms of military strategics. He is in love with Maria, who he met during the last war he was in, whose insults are the only things that can unnerve him, causing his scar to open up. Surprisingly, he is good at making cookies and other sweets.

When Sister heard of Recruit's arrival and that he was Nino's boyfriend, he kept a 24 hour surveillance on him to make sure he wasn't someone that would hurt Nino. When he met recruit formally at mass, he accepted him as Nino's boyfriend. At another mass afterwards, a child he used to take care of, Stella, found him and became part of the community too. Sister took her in to live with him.

When Nino said it was time for her to go to Venus, Sister was one of the residents that wanted to go along with her. Since then, he's been training the Arakawa residents for space travel.


Everyone on the Arakawa Riverbank is a cloud cuckoolander, and Sister is obviously no exception. When the Chief welcomes a new member, their identity, their history, their achievements are all dropped. With just a glance of how they are by themselves, they are given a new name with no attachments to anything. The reason for this is that the riverbank is a safe haven with no status nor obligations. It provides the residents a break from society, allowing them to act however they wish to act without worrying about the effects of their actions. All the feelings and urges they held in while living in society is let loose, resulting in their odd personalities.

Sister in particular is a soldier who never left his military mindset. In fact, he expanded it to apply to day to day life. When coming up with a solution. It's like war paranoia and military tactics have apprehended his common sense, subjugating its will to the point where it only comes up when the rest of his mindset needs a break. He takes precautions for hostile attacks that are only common in battle, such as anything given to him being bombs or enemies infiltrating through undefended waterways. He shoots into the air when he demands immediate attention. He gets straight answers at gunpoint. When he needs space or can't clean something, he'll throw a hand grenade. Answering doors is like defending from infiltrations. What he can't resolve with bullets, he'll resolve with explosives.

It's not that doesn't care about human lives though. Even if he thinks nothing of putting people in mortal peril because of his actions, he absolutely makes sure they don't get harmed... too much. He shoots at people often, but they are often just tranquilizers or warning shots that always barely miss. Even in cases where he was serious about shooting someone, he keeps in mind to hit non-vital spots. The only time Sister strikes to kill in a non-serious situation is when he's sure that his target can take it, like the time he fired missiles at Maria who was known to intercept missiles with blades easily. Should he go into a real fight with lives at stake, he would go back to his war mindset and kill without hesitation; remembering that he has to in order to survive.

When explosives doesn't work out, he pulls out... cookies. Irresistible, very delicious cookies. Despite his harsh and dangerous methods, Sister really is gentle and caring in his own way. He was given the name "Sister" for a reason. Sister is very lenient to rowdiness and antics, wordlessly cleaning up after everyone. Sometimes, he would even try to join in on the silliness. He has a tendency to spoil others, especially if he was indebted to them or they were put under his care. The cookies and sweets he bakes are just made because everyone under the bridge enjoyed eating them after his mass. He also acts as a mentor figure to everyone in the riverbank, using his knowledge from his time in the military for giving advice and helping out in whatever plan anyone had.

Sister is intelligent when it comes to on the field tactics and strategy. He knows a lot about engineering military facilities and equipment too. Basically, he's smart to anything related to the military but stupid and dense at everything else.

As capable as he is, Sister tends to knock himself to everyone else's level or lower in contests because he feels the need to challenge himself for more dire conditions. He could easily be a big threat in a race with his speed if it wasn't for him carrying full gear and a military backpack with everything needed for survival. And hopping on one leg pretending it was injured in battle. And picking up people who stopped on the way as a simulation for saving injured comrades. Even on a one on one battle with Maria(who on equal footing with him) where they went all out, he still wore a weighted habit as a personal handicap.

Ever since the incident in the military where he had to suffer having an embarrassing haircut, he steeled himself from reacting emotionally to anything. It was said he used to have a sensitive heart, but it's difficult to tell now. He can still react emotionally once in a while, but he won't show any emotions any deeper than what he has at that instant. The most one could get out of him is making him sulk a bit for getting left out. The only ways to get him to really crack is to have Maria insult him or talk to him about his feelings for Maria. Even then, his face won't show anything. Instead, his scar acts up and sprouts blood from the internal pressure.

The habit Sister wears is mostly to look the role he was given, and is pretty much the only crossdressing he really does. He normally wears masculine clothing otherwise, but he wouldn't hesitate if someone asked him to cross dress in something else anyway.

Abilities: Nothing supernatural, he's just unbelievably physically fit. He's incredibly strong and fast. He has the reflexes and accuracy to shoot down everything thrown his way without hurting people in the way. His stamina refuses to let him get sick, even after spending a whole day in front of an open refrigerator. He can tolerate all sorts of physical abuse without flinching. And he does all that with a weighted veil.

His baking and cleaning skills are also really good.

Sample Entry:


[It occurred to Sister that just locking the door and windows will not be enough to prevent anyone from breaking in and entering. Throughout the day, everyone passing by the house can find Sister digging holes in the front yard. Watch your step! Sister has already set several hard to spot traps around the area. He might not have mines, but he did find nets and rope to use from the sporting goods store.]


[Most of those that helped out with the party preparations were droned today. Sister looked at the cookies he had left over after visiting their homes. It was disturbing how much he still had.]

I made too many cookies. Anyone who wants some, come to the Church at 14 o' clock.


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